California Artichoke Advisory Board


Step 1, wash artichokes

Step 1
Wash artichokes under cold running water.

Step 2, pull off lower petals

Step 2
Pull off lower petals which are small or discolored.

Step 3, cut stems near base

Step 3
Cut stems close to base. (Use stainless knives to prevent discoloration.)

Step 4, cut off top quarter

Step 4
Cut off top quarter and tips of petals, if desired. (Generally, some people like the look of clipped petals, but it really isn’t necessary to remove the thorns. They soften with cooking and pose no threat to diners.)

Step 5, plunge for preserved color

Step 5
Plunge into acidified water to preserve color. (One tablespoon vinegar or lemon juice per quart of water.)

Step 6, trimmed artichoke stems are edible

Step 6
Optional: The trimmed artichoke stems are edible. Cut brown end about ½-inch. Peel fibrous outer layer to reach tender green of stem. Stem may be steamed whole with the artichoke. Cut into rounds or julienne for salads or pastas.